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Filtration & Extraction

Filtration and separation equipment for kitchen and laboratory use

Culinary centrifuges

Different techniques are used to separate and filter ingredients in molecular and modernist cooking. By applying extreme rotational forces they can be separated in components of different densities, each with their own unique taste and texture. We offer refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges

Laboratory grade sieves and filters

Our laboratory grade sieves are made of staiinless steel and allow sifting of solids, such as sugar and flour, and removing lumps from pastes and purees, or clarifying liquids. Filter bags can be used for stocks, consommés or clarification. We ofer solutions for filtering from 53µm to 400µm.

Rotary vacuum evaporator

Distillation at low temperature and reduced pressured can be obtained using a rotary vacuum evaporator. This helps purify and concentrate flavors without altering their original qualities, releasing natural essential oils.