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10-Tray Big Bite® Digital Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

  • 2021-01-12


This high capacity dehydrator has a digital display, making it simple to set and read time & temperature. Front panel has patented magnetic door design that slides and locks in place so you can add or remove trays with minimal heat loss. Trays have 1/4″ holes to dry even the smallest fruits and herbs. Horizontal air flow system for uniform drying and . 24-hour timer.

● Digital control and display
● 10 SS trays of 16” X 14-1/2”
● Rear mounted fan with 770 watts heating element
● 24 hour timer analog timer with auto shut off
● Thermostat adjusts from 90 to 155°F (32 to 68°C)
● 5 year warranty

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Volume de séchage

130125-028 10 16 sq.ft. / pi2 20-1/2”D X 18”W X 17-1/2”H

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