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Glass Fermenting Jar, 5L

  • 2017-04-20


Sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi—some of the tastiest staples of a vitamin-rich diet are obtained through fermentation. This versatile, durable glass crock lets you make of all those, and then some—all for a third of the cost of most crocks on the market.

Co2 escapes the jar through a water seal.

This kit has everything you need to start making your own fermented food at home: a durable, cleverly designed fermentation crock that’s a third of the price (and weight!) of most crocks on the market, a rewritable label to identify each batch, and a booklet of user-friendly, thoroughly tested recipes to get you started.

The interior of these jars is 100% glass. The white parts on the outside of the crocks and jars are made of non-reactive, BPA-free plastic, and do not come into contact with the food.

Each kit includes:

– Fermentation crock – 5 L

– Ceramic weight

– Recipe booklet

– Wax pencil

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