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High Capacity Vacuum Food Tumbler

  • 2019-10-16


Our new high capacity vacuum food tumbler is the perfect marinating equipment for restaurants, delis and caterers. It will provide you with tastier and tender meats in minutes and increase profits. It can marinate up to 55lbs of any meat in 20 minutes or less.

It has a built-in 35L/min vacuum pump, a vacuum gauge and even a programmable digital timer. All stainless steel construction and with a removable tank for easy filling and cleaning. You can use it with red meat, pork, chicken and even fish and seafood. Marinating is a very simple process. For every two pounds of protein you need 300ml of liquid and 30gr of spices or marinade powder.


●All stainless steel construction

●Non slip four wheel drive

●LED programmable timer

●Built-in vacuum pumpwith analog gauge

●Can marinate up to 55lbs of any meat in 20 minutes or less

Because of the shipping weight of this product it is not possible to order on-line. Please contact us get a shipping quote and place your order.

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SKU# 160145-001
Capacity / Capacité 25 Kg / 55 lbs
Rotation Speed /

Vitesse de rotation

6 rpm
Motor / Moteur 115V/60Hz/1/6 HP
Weight / Poids 20.5 Kg / 45 lbs

Additional information

Weight 45 kg

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