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Laboratory grade Stainless Steel sifting sieve, 12″ dia, 53 µm

  • 2015-03-23


Use these laboratory grade all stainless steel sieves for various food products such as sifting sugar and flour, removing lumps from purées or to clarify liquids. Choose according to the level of fineness required.

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TAMIS / SIEVE : 12″ dia. X 2″H
Ouverture / Opening Mesh # USE / USAGE
53 µm 270 Ultrafine clarification / Clarification extra fine
75 µm 200 To clarify butter or make consommés / Pour la clarification du beurre et pour les consommés
125 µm 120
300 µm 50 For velvety purees / pour purées veloutées

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