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MV45 VacSmart Chamber Vacuum Sealers from Minipack with advanced HACCP features

  • 2017-12-21


The new VacSmart-series chamber sealers from Minipack are packed with features that will enable you to create, implement and follow your own HACCP plan. Using the 5”LCD touch screen display you can create packaging plans for up to 999 different products grouped into 6 main categories.

For each category you can set specific food safety log questions for the operator to answer (before packaging, after packaging and CCP messages). Using the optional type K needle probes, you can also incorporate core temperature measurement in each packaging plan.

Includes an access to Minipack’s HACCP on-line portal that helps you create a thorough HACCP plan.


●    5”LCD touch screen

●    WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity & 2 USB 2.0 ports

●    Two thermocouple ports

●    Dual pressure sensors allows to display vacuum level in % or mBar

●    Dual humidity sensors to allow hot food packaging

●    Programmable soft-air return

●    Pre-set vacuum packaging techniques for compression, infused water, rapid marination into pans, compress & hold, infuse & pulse up to 9 cycles in a row

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SKU# 150110-052
Minipack Model /

Modèle Minipack

MV45 VacSmart
Sealing length /

Longueur du scellé

17.75” (45 cm)
Seal Bars / Barres Scellantes 1 X 4 mm

(front / avant)

Vaccum Pump / Pompe à Vide Busch 24 m3/hr
 Usable Chamber Dimensions /

Dimensions utilisables de l’enceinte

18.5” X 15.95” X 4.5”H
Additional height with bubble cover /

Hauteur additionnelle avec couvercle bombé

Warranty / Garantie 1 year / an

Additional information

Weight 225 kg

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