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Paraclipse® Mosquito Eliminator™

  • 2020-06-11


This decorative system is designed for installation indoors or outdoors, combining a proprietary UV black-light technology with special attractants to lure mosquitoes. Used free-standing or wall mounted, the Mosquito Eliminator™ is a powerful, effective, and environmentally safe way to control disease-carrying mosquitoes. The patented auto-advance cartridge lasts 30 days and can capture thousands of mosquitoes. The Mosquito Eliminator™ is also effective at attracting and capturing midges and other flying insects. Disposal of the cartridge is safe and sanitary. The Mosquito Eliminator™ ends the noise and unsanitary scattering of insect parts from bug zappers and uses no insecticides or pesticides.

Each unit comes complete with end of cartridge alarm, one cartridge and a UV lamp. Power is regular 115VAC with a Nema 5-15 plug.


  • Proprietary UV light technology combined with attractants and trapping surface.
  • Attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects.
  • For indoor or outdoor use and can be wall mounted or free standing.
  • Exclusive auto advancing 30 cartridge system for fresh sticky surface and attractants
  • Audible alert to replace used cartridge.
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SKU# 700115-006
Application / Utilisation Mosquitoes / Moustiques
Coverage / Couverture 5000 ft²/pi²
UV lamp / Lampe UV 3U 30 Watts
Lamp life / Durée de la lampe ±8 months/mois
Cartridge life /

Durée de la cartouche

30 days
Size / Dimensions 7” X 7.75” X 21”H
Power / Alimentation 115V/60Hz

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Weight 10 kg

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