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Paraclipse® Fruit Flies Control Device

  • 2019-10-10


These fruit fly and fly control systems use a unique and highly effective combination of special UV light, decoys and pheromone enhanced adhesive strip that is automatically wound within a cartridge.

The UV light directs the flies towards and inside the device where they will be attracted by pheromones onto the trapping surface of the cartridge. The auto advancing cartridge provides a continuous sticky surface and pheromones as well as rolling trapped insects inside the cartridge. Cartridges will last for 30 or 60 days depending on the model and an audible alarm will sound whenever it needs replacing.

We offer a unit specifically for fruits flies and two models with different capacities for regular flies. Each unit includes a cartridge and UV lamp and can be wall mounted or placed on a flat surface.


Highly effective combination of special UV light, attractants and trapping surface.

Ultraviolet Lamp Booster Reflector.

Specially engineered reflective top shell.

Exclusive auto advancing 30 or 60 day cartridge systems (depending on model).

Audible alert to replace used cartridge.

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SKU# 700115-001
Application / Utilisation Fruit flies / Mouches à fruits
Coverage / Couverture 1000 ft²/pi²
Capacity / Capacité >1000

fruit flies / mouches à fruits

UV lamp / Lampe UV 13 Watts
Cartridge life /

Durée de la cartouche

30 days
Size / Dimensions 12.5” X 12” X 6.25”H
Power / Alimentation 115V/60Hz

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Weight 10 kg

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