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“S02mmelier” Automatic Wine Aerator from Breville

  • 2018-02-13


Decant your wine in minutes not hours !

The “S02mmelier” filters the ambient air to remove impurities (moisture, dust, odors) and isolates oxygen from nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It aerates wine with a constant flow of purified and highly concentrated oxygen thanks to its advanced oxygen extraction system which uses no chemicals. The purified and highly concentrated oxygen flows upwards into the specially designed tube inside the patented carafe. It then reverses direction, and flows downwards and back out into every milliliter of the wine. 

The specially designed glass carafe evenly diffuses oxygen throughout the entire volume of wine, rather than just the surface. It truely completes oxygenation and rounds out tannins providing a smooth mouthfeel.  

Unlike traditional decanting that inhibits some flavors and aromas and limits the full potential of the wine over time, the S02mmelier shortens the decanting time to prevent wine from a long exposure to damaging elements and ambient temperature. It also preserves all the complex flavors and aromas released simultaneously during the oxygenation. One minute of oxygenation in the S02mmelier is equivalent to one hour of traditional decanting time

A mobile app is available on iOS store or Google Play with recommended aeration times for over 500,000 wines.

Includes one 750mL glass carafe.


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