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SONICPREP™ ultrasonic food processor

  • 2012-05-03


Ultrasonic processors have been used in laboratory and industrial applications for years for the purpose of homogenizing, mixing, emulsifying, dispersing and extracting various liquid medias. A probe submerged into a liquid generates high-intensity sound waves which are propagated throughout the sample. The sound waves have alternating high and low pressure cycles which creates micro bubbles (cavitation) that implode violently and affect the liquid on a molecular level. The tremendous amount of energy created can disperse powders into a liquid, emulsify oils or fat into a liquid and even extract enzymes or proteins on a cellular level.
In modern cuisine applications, ultrasonic processors can be used for flavor extraction, infusion, emulsification and texture modification. By sonication, it is possible to extract the most aromatic and flavourful elements of each ingredients and it allows to reach a freshness of taste that would normally be lost during the cooking process.
A few examples of culinary use:
• Stable emulsions: prepare smooth vinaigrettes without using an emulsifying agent
• Aging calvados with wood chips in less than 2 minutes
• Degas and homogenize wine: wine treated for 1-2 minutes will appear with a much fuller and rounder mouth feel.
• Infusions and extractions: volatile aromas of fresh herbs or spices can be quickly infused into a liquid such as a cocktail.
• Intensify stocks: sonicating shrimp stock to achieve a more intense flavor without overcooking the delicate protein.

Unit comes complete with a 550W processor, a power converter, a titanium probe for process volumes of 1 to 500mL, a lab stand and clamp.

A sound enclosure is sold separately as an accessory and strongly recommended.


  • 550W power output
  • Digital control with up to 20 sample processing programs
  • Ultrasounds in continuous or pulsed modes

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Weight 50 kg

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