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Tabletop chamber vacuum sealer, Minipack MVS45X

  • 2012-05-03


Similar to our compact vacuum sealer, these models are designed for higher capacities. Suitable for mid to high volume foodservice production. Simple to use and equipped with an easy-to-clean seamless stainless steel chamber.Available with a single or dual 17.75” sealing bars.


● 9 user adjustable programs to automate packaging of specific types of foods
● Programmable vacuum level and sealing time
● Stainless steel seamless chamber with transparent bubble lid
● Excess bag cut-off wire
● Extra vacuum cycle, program up to 30 seconds of additional vacuum
● Single 17.75” sealing bar
● 24 m3/h Busch vacuum pump
● Oil level check signal
● Variable soft air release
● Includes stackable polyethylene solid plates for height adjustment
● Seal bar can be inverted to enable external vacuuming
(operation requires external-type vacuum bags)

This product cannot be ordered on-line. Please contact us to place your order. 



Minipack Model /         Modèle Minipack MVS45X
Sealing length / Longueur du scellé 17.75” (45 cm)
Seal Bars/ Barres Scellantes 1 X 4 mm (front / avant)
Excess bag Cutoff /      Fil coupant 1 X 1 mm
Sealing Time to 99.9% vacuum / Temps pour atteindre vide de 99.9% 24 sec
Vaccum Pump /           Pompe à Vide Busch 24 m3/hr
Usable Chamber Dimensions/ Dimensions utilisables de l’enceinte 18.5” X 15.95” X 4.5”H
Additional height with bubble cover / Hauteur additionnelle avec couvercle bombé 4”
Overall dimensions / Dimensions hors tout 21.25” X 24.5” X 18.5”H
Shipping weight /          Poids d’expédition 200 lbs
Warranty / Garantie 1 year / an

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Weight 200 kg

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