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TempDot® Plus Time-Temperature Labels , 5°C, 200/pk

  • 2017-10-17


Self adhesive single point indicators enable the monitoring of products in-transit to indicate if the product was exposed at an unsafe temperature. The TempDot is easy to use. Just squeeze the blister until all the dye in the start button is out to activate. If the temperature rises above unsafe storage conditions, a temperature-sensitive blue dye slowly bleeds along the white wick. The position of blue dye provides you a visual cumulative time- temperature abuse indicator over safe storage conditions. The color change will continue up to 8 hours as long as the label is being exposed to unsafe storage conditions. Once the product has been placed back into a cooling unit, the color change will stop.

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Temperature point / Point de température



5°C / 41°F

1.5”H X 0.75”L

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Weight 1 kg

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