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Water activity meter kit with calibration certificate

  • 2018-07-20


Water activity (Aw) defines the active part of a product’s moisture content, or “free” water which, under normal circumstances, can be exchanged between the product and its environment. It influences the microbiological, chemical and enzymatic stability of perishable products such as foods, grain and seeds.

Water Activity meters measure the relative humidity which is reached at equilibrium in a sealed container. It is the value measured when no net exchange of moisture between the product and the sealed environment can take place. A full equilibration measurement can take 20 minutes and the meters will automatically detect when equilibrium is reached.

Our portable meter is suitable for measuring materials like butter, fruit mixes, spices, granulates, mushrooms, flour, biscuits or sausage as well as all other food types requiring a check of the water activity value.  It is not suited for juices (syrup), acidic food like vinegar or food and beverages containing alcohol.

It also features a data-logging function and has multiple measurement modes (Relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew point, equilibrium moisture content, aw-value).

Kit comes complete with the meter and aw measurement probe with 2m cable and calibration certificate, 2 plastic sample jars of 125 mL capacity, 10 single-use 0.500 aw certified calibration standards, 1 reusable saturated salt standard of 0.754 aw, carrying case, manual and battery.

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Model# Modèle: 310115-005
Range / Echelle / 0.03 → 0.98 aw
Accuracy / Précision ±0.01 Aw from/de 0.10 → 0.80,

±0.04 aw

Temperature 0 → 50°C
Temp Accuracy / Précision Temp ±0.5°C
Sample jars included /

Jarres échantillon inclus

2 X 125 mL
Measurement modes /

Modes de mesure /

Relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew point, equilibrium moisture content, aw-value /

Humidité relative, humidité absolue, point de rosée, teneur en eau d’équilibre, aw

Datalogging / Enregistrement Up to/jusqu’à 10,000 logs
Alimentation / Power : une pile 9V / one 9V battery

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

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