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Weston Immersion Circulator

  • 2020-05-28



  • 800 Watts heating power
  • Maximum cooking temperature of 99°C
  • Over temperature and low liquid level safety protection
  • Temperature stability of ±0.1°C
  • Built-in timer for timed cooking

The Weston immersion circulator is a low cost entry level unit perfect to start doing sous-vide cooking at home. It can manage up to 20 liters of water volume and can maintain set temperature within 0.1°C. It is equipped with a timer and is settable for °F or °C.

Use the built-in clamp to attach onto your own stockpot or order our 10L or 18L complete kits with clear plastic tubs and custom-fit lids.

Unit is rated for household use only and for light to medium duty use. For more intensive use, we recommend either our Chef or Classic series circulators.

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SKU# 630100-006
Temperature range /

Echelle de température

 Up to / jusqu’à:


Stability / Stabilité ±0.1°C
Heating element /

Elément chauffant

800 Watts
Maximum Water Volume /

Volume d’Eau Maximum

Timer / Minuterie 99 hours / heures
Overall dimensions /

Dimensions hors-tout

3.5” dia X 16”H
Mounting style /

Type de montage

Built-in clamp for side mounting /

Pince intégrée pour montage de côté

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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