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Wooden Dry Curing Rack

  • 2019-10-16


Our new dry curing rack is a simple but effective tool for hanging and dry curing a variety of charcuterie items. A quality charcuterie product needs to be suspended to allow air drying and fermentation.

Finished in a brilliant white finish that can be wiped clean much easier than natural unfinished woods and has a stainless steel dripping pan to collect any drips or liquid. Comes with 5 stainless steel hooks for hanging. Folds nearly flat for easy moving and storage.

Because of the volumetric shipping weight of this product it is not possible to order on-line. Please contact us get a shipping quote and place your order.

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130130-094 Wooden Dry Curing Rack /

Support de bois pour salage à sec

22-1/2” X 17” X 58-1/2”H

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Weight 30 kg

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