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Big Bite® Professional-grade Dual Grind Meat Grinder, size# 8

  • 2021-01-11


Save time with two grinds in one pass! Our Dual Grind meat grinders can cycle through two grinds in a single pass. No more reloading for a second grind. This innovative technology has been used in commercial processing for years. The secret is in the innovative design incorporating a unique double-edged knife and two grinder plates. The result is the quality and consistency of two separate grinds in just one pass. Combined with the Big Bite technology that allows the auger to take an extra big bite of meat and then move it through the grinder quicker than other grinders, you will get a premium grind in half the time!

Each unit includes a double-edged SS grinding knife, a SS first pass plate, a 4.5mm SS grinding plate, a 10mm SS grinding plate, a SS stuffing plate, a stomper and a set of 3 sausage stuffing plastic funnels.

Each model has a recessed storage drawer and a heavy-duty handle for easy moving. They feature large SS meat pans with safety guard and noise dampening design for quite performance.


  • Dual grind technology with doubled-edged knife
  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Powerful, permanently lubricated motors
  • Steel gears construction
  • Handle on top for easy transportation
  • 5 year warranty

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SKU# 160105-017
Head Size / Jauge #8
Capacity / Capacité 4-7 Lbs/Min
Motor / Moteur 1/2HP / 370W
Pan Dimensions /

Dimensions Plateau

12.25” X 9.18”

X 2.25”H

Stuffing Tubes incl /

Entonnoirs inclus

½”, 1”, 1-3/8”
Dimensions 18.5” X 9.1” X 15.6”H
Weight / Poids 29 lbs
Warranty / Garantie 5 years / ans

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