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Drink Machine Advance bar blender from Vitamix Commercial

  • 2023-09-12


An Essential Tool for Maximizing Your Beverage Program. From smoothies to frozen cocktails, the Drink Machine Advance® is an essential tool for adding or expanding a blended beverage program in any bar, restaurant, or cafe.

With six optimized programs with automatic shut-off let you turn it on, walk away, and achieve consistent results every time.

The 1.4-litre Advance® container creates faster, smoother pours resulting in time and cost savings along with improved customer experience.

A 2.3-HP Motor designed to resist overheating, delivers power and durability for improved processing and back-to-back blends.

Pulse feature provides off-menu flexibility by allowing staff to manually fine-tune recipes.

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SKU#: 140105-018
Puissance 2.3HP
Jug Capacity / Volume du Récipient 18 oz (Tritan)
Dimensions 7.52” X 8.74” X 17.8”H
Shipping weight / Poids 12 lbs
Alimentation / Power : 120V/60Hz/11.5A
Warranty / Garantie 3 years / ans (Parts / pièces) /

1 year / an (labor / main d’oeuvre)

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