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“DryAger™” Dry Aging Cabinet, 44lbs capacity

  • 2021-11-22

***This product cannot be ordered on-line. Please contact us to get pricing and availability. 

The DRY AGER Dry Aging Fridge combines time-honored methods with state-of-the-art technology to make dry aging easier, safer, and more consistent than ever before. As soon as you hang meat in the DRY AGER, a chemical process begins. Enzymes start to break down the tissue structures and proteins are formed, a natural change that results in meat that is exceptionally tender. At the same time, the meat loses moisture and the outer layers dry out, forming a protective coating and intensifying the flavor. Properly dry-aged meat may look dry and dark on the outside, but it hides a treasure within.

The DRYAGER cabinet features several patented innovations that will take your meat from good to great:


Ensures accurate control over temperature from 0–25°C regulated in 0.1 increments and of humidity from 60-90% in 0.5% increments, for perfect results every time.


The unique HumiControl™ system maintains constant humidity without the need for an external water supply or drain.


The interior surface of the DRYAGER cabinet features a special coating which discourages microorganism growth.


DXAirReg® eliminates germs and bacteria using continuous air diffusion, charcoal carbon filters, and UVC sterilization.

The weight loss in the DRY AGER® is surprisingly small. Beef loses only about 7% to 8% after 4 weeks on the bone and only about 12% after 6 weeks. After 3 weeks, pork will only lose around 9% to 10% in weight.

DRY AGER® is not limited to dry aging beef, but can also be used for the production of meat products, air-drying ham and many other types of meat and for storing various cheeses.

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SKU# 620100-015 620100-016
DryAger model# UX750PRO UX1500PRO
Temperature range /

Echelle température

0 → 25°C (32 → 77°F)
Humidity range / Echelle humidité 60 → 90%RH
Meat capacity / Capacité de viande 44 lbs / 20 Kg 220 lbs / 100 Kg
Refrigerant / Réfrigérant R600a
Overall dimensions /

Dimensions hors-tout

35.63” X 23.62” X 24.02”H 64.96” X 27.56” X 29.21”
Shipping weight / Poids d’expédition 119 lbs 241 lbs
Power rating / Alimentation 115V/2A/60Hz
Warranty / Garantie 2  years parts and labor, 5 years for the compressor

2 ans pièces et main d’oeuvre et 5 ans pour le compresseur

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