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GEMM Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer, 11 cu ft

  • 2023-05-09


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Self-contained blast chillers will quickly chill food through the temperature danger zone by chilling from 90°C to 3°C in about 90 minutes or shock freeze them from 90°C to

-18°C in about 240 minutes. Proper chilling and freezing methods not only prevent the bacterial proliferation in your food products but also maintain their texture, flavour and appearance. You can also increase the shelf life up to five days when using this HACCP recommended blast chilling technique. Also because of the fast chilling process, the foods loses up to 15% less water content caused by evaporation, therefore causing less shrinkage in your products.

Every unit is supplied with a core temperature food probe that provides temperature continuous feed back to the microprocessor. The microprocessor controlled system provides a choice of operating cycles of manual or automatic. The automatic mode chills or freezes the food products based on the probe’s temperature where the manual cycle is based on user-defined time cycles. Also, each cycle can be programmed for soft or hard chilling according to the type of food being cooled. Delicate items should be run in the soft mode.


  • Safely chills/freezes your food products
  • Maintains texture, flavour and appearance
  • Conforms to HACCP protocols
  • Increase shelf life of your products
  • Option of soft/hard chilling or freezing
  • Automatic defrost system with pause
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SKU# 630115-006
Number of pans /

Nombre de plateaux

10 of/de

18” X 26”

Blast chilling range /

Echelle de refroidissement

90°C → 3°C (197°F → 37°F)
Blast chilling capacity /

Capacité de refroidissement

34 Kg (75 lbs)

in/en 90 minutes

Shock freezing range /

Echelle de surgélation

90°C → -18°C (197°F → 0°F)
Shock freezing capacity /

Capacité de surgélation

22 Kg (48.5 lbs)

in/en 240 minutes

Power / Alimentation 230V/60Hz/1.5HP/13.5A
Refrigerated power /

Puissance de refroidissement

6005 BTU/hr, 1760W
Weight / Poids 370 lbs
Dimensions 34” X 34” X 61.5”H

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