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HORIBA LAQUATwin PH22 waterproof pocket pH meter

  • 2017-10-16


With the new LAQUATwin pocket pH meter from Horiba it is possible to measure the pH of liquids, semi-solids and even moist solids. A flat sensor is encased into a cup-style casing and requires only a 0.1mL sample to provide a measurement. 

You can use it to measure the pH of vairous food products such as sushi rice, canning products, meat, vinaigrettes, brining solutions, fermented products, etc…

2 models available with different calibration points and accuracy. Come complete with a carrying case and 14mL of pH 4 buffer and 14mL of pH 7 buffer 


●Perfect to measure food products in either liquid, semi-solid or solid form

●Fast response time and easy to use

●Requires very small amounts of sample to measure


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Model# / Modèle :


pH range / Echelle pH

0.00 → 14.00

Temperature (ATC)

5.0 → 40.0°C

Accuracy / Précision

±0.01 pH


4.01, 7.00 & 10.01

Size / Dimensions 

6.5” X 1.13” X 0.75”

Power / Alimentation

2 X 3V (CR2032)

Warranty / Garantie

1 year / an

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

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