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HydroPro™ Plus immersion Circulator from Breville Commercial

  • 2021-01-18


The HydroPro™ Plus has all the great features found in the regular HydroPro version:

-On board Sous Vide Toolbox™ software using scientific algorithms

-‘My Presets’ for commonly used cooking parameters

-Large TFT touch screen

-Powerful heater and newly designed pumping system

-IPX7 waterproof construction with quick-release clamp

-Magnetic impeller for easy cleaning and descaling

The HydroPro™ Plus version also includes a digital needle probe that measures and displays the core temperature of the food in real-time, enabling delta cooking. Data and cooking curves are stored on-board and can be transferred to the HACCP Manager App via Bluetooth for easy logging of all your sous vide cooked products.

Complete with multilingual instructions, digital needle probe, self-sealing foam tape and a foam-padded carrying case with handle


  • Integrated core temperature probe
  • Temperature data-logging downloadable via Bluetooth
  • 1450 Watts of heating power
  • Maximum water volume of 45L
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Color TFT touch display
  • On-board cooking guide with the “Sous Vide Tool Box™” software
  • Low water detection
  • NSF & cUL commercial & sanitation approvals
  • Variable flow speed (3 settings) and directions (360°)
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SKU# 630100-011


Temperature range /

Echelle de température

 Up to / jusqu’à:


Maximum water volume /

Volume d’eau maximum

45L with lid/recouvert
Stability / Stabilité ±0.1°C
Heating element /

Elément chauffant

1450 Watts / 13A
Pump / Pompe 17 L/min
Core Probe / Sonde à Coeur 1/16” dia X 2.75”L X 36”L cable
Overall dimensions /

Dimensions hors-tout

14.6” X 3.7” X 6.7”H
Mounting style /

Type de montage

Detachable clamp for side mounting /

Pince détachable pour montage de côté

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

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