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MaxVac® 250 heavy-duty external vacuum sealer with roll storage

  • 2021-01-08


This powerful vacuum sealer will extend the freshness and freezer life of your favorite foods. A built-in continuous run fan allows you to seal for up to 2.5 hours without stopping or cooling down. Stainless steel construction is countertop friendly and built to last. Sealing bar of 13 1/4″L X 1/8″W and comes with an additional seal element. It has a rear mounted bag roll holder & cutter.

It features pulse and manual seal modes as well as an accessory port to use with vacuum canisters. Includes a 8” X 10’ bag roll.


  • 250+ consecutive cycles
  • Rear mounted bag roll holder & cutter
  • Powerful fan-cooled pump
  • One handed locking lid
  • Pulse mode and canister port
  • Manual or automatic sealing modes
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SKU 150110-030
Sealing length /

Longueur du scellé

13-1/4” (33.5 cm)
Vacuum level /

Niveau de vide

25” Hg
Duty-cycle / Facteur d’utilisation 250+ consecutive cycles consécutifs

(2.5 hours/heures)

Overall dimensions / Dimensions hors tout 17.3” X 12” X 4.6”H
Warranty / Garantie 1 year / an

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