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MaxVac® 500 heavy-duty external vacuum sealer

  • 2021-01-08


The perfect vacuum sealer for the frequent user that lets you seal for 5+ hours nonstop without cooling down. Will extend the freezer life of your food and protect against freezer burns. Its powerful vacuum and 1-hand locking mechanism makes this easy to use.  Sealing bar of 14″L X ¼”W.  It has a rear mounted bag roll holder & cutter.

Aluminium construction and features manual seal mode. Includes a 8” X 25’ bag roll.


  • 450+ consecutive cycles
  • Rear mounted bag roll holder & cutter
  • Powerful fan-cooled pump
  • One handed locking lid
  • Manual or automatic sealing modes
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SKU 150110-031
Sealing length /

Longueur du scellé

14” (35.5 cm)
Vacuum level /

Niveau de vide

22” Hg
Duty-cycle / Facteur d’utilisation 450+ consecutive cycles consécutifs

(5 hours/heures)

Overall dimensions / Dimensions hors tout 18.5” X 18.1” X 6.8”H
Warranty / Garantie 2 year / ans

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