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Outdoor Wood Fired Oven from Louis Tellier

  • 2023-11-09



  • Durable thick stainless steel construction.
  • Designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions, making it usable all year round.
  • Interior ceramic fiber insulation to prevents heat loss.
  • Removable rear burner for use with wood, charcoal, pellets or sawdust.
  • Analog thermometer mounted on the front panel
  • Small window on the front to monitor the cooking process.
  • Easy to clean; simply heat the oven to its highest temperature.

With this new wood fired oven from Louis Tellier, you can cook at home authentic breads, grilled or smoked meats and fish, pizzas and more. You can use it with various wood fuels such as firewood, pellets, charcoal or sawdust. It can reach 500°C in less than 20 minutes.

Internal temperature is controlled via a patented flame block valve system which allows for a wide range of cooking. With the valve fully open, you can make crispy pizzas and grills at temperatures reaching 450 to 500°C. When using the valve fully closed you can make more delicate dishes such as rustic bread, meats & fish, simmered dishes, and even pastries at temperatures ranging from 150 to 250°C.

The oven includes a 13” X 14.5” refractory stone, with a thickness of 0.6”. It also comes with a long oven shovel.

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SKU# 620110-010
Construction Stainless Steel with internal ceramic /

Acier inox avec intérieur en céramique

Hearth dimensions /

Dimensions de la sole

20.5” X 13.25” X 8”
Dimensions 29.75” X 17.25” X 36.15”H
Weight / Poids 79 lbs / 36 Kg

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