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Petty Knife, Haruyuki Shiso, 135mm

  • 2022-06-14


The Haruyuki Shiso has the best of both worlds; it combines classic style and simplicity with the consistency and perfection of modern factory-forging. The blades are forged by machine, and are ground, sharpened, handles and inspected by master craftsmen.

Aogami Super is the king of knife steel – super easy to sharpen, gets a laser beam edge, cuts like silk and is very rugged for its hardness.It’s called SUPER for a reason. They are then clad in a softer stainless steel to help lower the possibility of rusting. Just brilliant.  The kurochi finish is possibly one of our favourites we’ve seen on a machine-forged knife. Whether you are a professional chef building your tool kit, or a home cook wanting an awesome knife, the Shiso will serve you well.

The handle is made from Morado, a wood used when durability is key. Flooring and cabinetry, for example. The edge has been sharpened by hand with a western style 50/50 bevel making it suitable for for most any kitchen task.


  • Rockwell Harness: 63-64
  • Steel: Aogami Super (Super Blue Carbon), Stainless Steel cladding
  • Handle: Wa (Japanese) Handle, Octagon Morado wood handle with Blonde Pakka wood collar
  • Machine forged in Japan

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