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Santoku Knife, Haruyuki Kokuto, 165mm

  • 2021-12-22


The Haruyuki Kokuto has the best of both worlds; it combines classic style and simplicity with the consistency and perfection of modern factory-forging. The blades are forged by machine, and are ground, sharpened, handles and inspected by master craftsmen.

Ginsan Stainless Steel was created to make knives that would function like high-carbon steel, with none of the maintenance. The composition is very pure compared to other steels, containing only iron, carbon and chromium. This purity is what allows it to sharpen easily, and take a ‘crisp’ edge like high-carbon steels.

The handle is made from cherry wood, an ideal material for knife handles. Cherry wood is the hardest of the softwoods, so it possesses great durability with a gorgeous finish.


  • Rockwell Harness: 60-62
  • Steel: Ginsan stainless steel
  • Handle: Round cherry wood with black pakka wood collar
  • Machine forged in Japan
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