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SmokinTex Commercial Electric Food Smoker, 120 lbs capacity

  • 2023-05-24


Smokintex’s largest smoker available, the 1500-CXLD commercial electric smoker can cook up to 30 whole chickens, 500 chicken wings, or 36 racks of baby back ribs! ANSI/NSF-4 certified, this smoker is ready to meet your commercial needs and comes with a 3 year warranty.

With double-walled insulated SS cabinets and are thermostat controlled. The insulation enables outdoor use during all seasons with consistent cooking temperatures.

Supplied with 6 SS shelves, SS smokebox with drip guard and have heavy-duty casters. Cold smoking can be achieved using the optional “Cold Smoke Plate” which sits on the bottom rack to prevent heat from rising within the cabinet.

Because of the volumetric shipping weight of this product it is not possible to order on-line. Please contact us get a shipping quote and place your order.


SKU# Capacity /


Shelves Included /

Tablettes Fournies

Overall Dimensions /

Dimensions Hors tout

Heating Element /

Elément Chauffant

130135-035 120 lbs 6 + 1 mesh/treillis (18” X 22”) 21” X 26.5” X 41”H 2 X 700W / 15A

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Weight 100 kg

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