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6L Electric Fermenter

  • 2023-06-28



  • One touch control with automatic time and temperature presets
  • Includes racks needed for black garlic fermenting
  • Automatic shut off
  • Up to 12 days of continuous use
  • Removeable interior pot for easier cleaning

Our multi-purpose can be used to make yogurt, kimchi, fruit wine, natto, vinegar and especially black garlic. Black garlic has been used for flavor and medicinal purposes and in a variety of Asian cuisines for centuries. Black garlic is, simply put, the product of aging regular garlic bulbs over the course of weeks or months. It requires strictly regulated temperature and humidity to achieve its sticky consistency.

It has fully automatic operation and is easy to set up. Simply select fermentation time: 6-12 days (144- 288 hours) according to garlic type and size. An inner pot liner helps to keep the temperature uniform and is easy to use and remove for cleaning. The lid is equipped with a door buckle to ensures secure closure.

Unit also includes a stainless steel cage-like rack which allows good air circulation and uniform temperature. The racks can hold and ferment approximately 3 lbs. of garlic at a time. You can adjust the appropriate number of layers according to the height of multiple garlic cloves or single garlic.

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SKU# 130120-072
Capacity / Capacité 6L
Temperature range /

Echelle de température

22 → 90°C (72 → 194°F)
Heating Power Range /

Puissance de chauffe

35 Watts
Timer / Minuterie 6 → 12 jours (72 → 144 hours)
Overall dimensions /

Dimensions hors-tout

12” dia  X 12”H
Weight / Poids 7 lbs
Power / Alimentation 115V/60Hz

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