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Curing Chambers Temperature & Humidity Controller

  • 2021-02-05


Control the temperature and humidity in your dry-curing chambers with this plug and play controller. It has two 3-prong output relay rated for 115V/60Hz/15A to control temperature and humidity.

Both temperature and humidity sensors have a 10ft cable and you can program the temperature output control to Heat or Cool and the humidity output control for Humidification or Dehumidification depending on your needs.

Temperature displays in °F only.


  • Heavy duty input and output plug and socket wires
  • Temperature and Humidity can be field calibrated
  • Large LCD display
  • Equipped with Heavy duty circuit breaker switch 15 Amp (instead of short life fuse)
  • Direct plug-in 15A relays (one for temperature, one for RH control)
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SKU# 110100-006
Temperature range /

Echelle température

-58 → 230°F

°C not availble/non disponible

Temp Accuracy / Précision de temp ±1°F
Humidity range /

Echelle humidité

5% → 99%RH
RH Accuracy / Précision HR ±5%RH
Relay Outputs / Sorties de contrôle 2 X 115V/15A/60Hz

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