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Green Life Japanese Konro Charcoal Barbecue, large

  • 2023-11-08


The Green Life Shichirin Konro is the ultimate Japanese charcoal grill for travel, picnics, or small apartment balconies! The steel construction makes it lighter weight than a ceramic grill, while genius engineering keeps the outside of the grill from getting hot.

Two removable handles allow for easy removal of the grill’s interior, so it can be cleaned properly. The grate can also be mounted on these handles to raise it further above the charcoal, and skewers can even be mounted diagonally in the holes in the side of the grill for a slower cook. Two models available.


SKU# 620110-002
Construction Steel / Acier
Dimensions 45 X 30 X 19.6H cm
Weight / Poids 5.9Kg

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