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Lallemand LALCULT, SAX-01, 15g

  • 2021-06-23


This new culture from Lallemand combines the acidification effect from the SPACXH6 or Bactoferm T-SPX and provides a strong protection against Listeria such as Bactoferm F-LC

Application: fast acidification, color and flavor enhancement

The LALCULT®Protect SAX-01 is a multi-strain culture that combines the positive features of the individual strains in relation to acidification, color and flavor formation plus a strong listeria control. The culture shows a mild flavor, strong texture and color development. The acidification speed is very, very quick and one of the fastest available on the market for traditional fermented products at 22-28°C / 70-82°F.

The Cocci ssp. used in the LALCULT®Protect SAX-01 are reducing the risk of oxidation, which ensures that the color and flavor remains stable throughout shelf-life of the final product.

The versatility of this new culture combination comprises a unique Pediococcus acidilactici, Lactobacillus sakei, a NRA strong Staphylococcus xylosus and a very salt resistant Debaryomyces hansenii which makes it suitable for a wide temperature and application range. It also suppresses and control any undesired wild/spoilage flora.

When added to your process these freeze-dried cultures will acidify the meat mix in the first stage of the dry fermented sausage making. This will:

  • Improve the meat coagulation
  • Facilitate the water loss during drying
  • Control the environment by inhibiting the growth of undesirable mold flora and other contaminants.

The cultures will contribute to flavor formation as their lipolytic, and proteolytic activities release flavor compounds.

Dosage: 15g per 100Kg of meat

Storage:  Freezer – 18 °C (0 °F)

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