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Lallemand LALCULT, Peperoni HT-01, 15g

  • 2022-04-06


Application: fast acidification, color and flavor enhancement

The Peperoni HT-01 is used to make fermented dry salami products. The pediococcus acidilactici it contains is known to deliver quick acidification

When added to your process these freeze-dried cultures will acidify the meat mix in the first stage of the dry fermented sausage making. This will:

  • Improve the meat coagulation
  • Facilitate the water loss during drying
  • Control the environment by inhibiting the growth of undesirable mold flora and other contaminants.

The cultures will contribute to flavor formation as their lipolytic and proteolytic activities release flavor compounds.

>Dosage per Kg of meat: 0.15g / Kg

>Dextrose required per Kg of meat: 5 → 8g

>Fermentation Temperature:  37° → 45°C for 16 → 24 hours

>Fermentation required humidity: 90 → 95% RH

>Drying/curing procedure:  Maintain a temperature of 12° to 16°C @ ±80% RH until 30% weight loss is achieved

Storage:  Freezer – 18 °C (0 °F)

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