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MaxVac Pro® Chamber Vacuum Sealer

  • 2021-01-11


The MaxVac Pro®  is a great entry level professional grade chamber sealer. It has a heavy-duty 1/4HP oil lubricated vacuum pump. It’s 10.25” seal bar has 2 heating elements (3mm and 1mm) for a perfect seal each time. It has a stainless steel housing and flat top surface and a clear bubbled lid which acts as the chamber.

The easy to use digital controls allow to adjust vacuum time, seal & cool times and sealing temperature. Three customizable preset buttons programmed for Meat/fish, Liquid, and Dry food or can be overridden with different seal times.

Includes 40 (6” X 6”) and 40 (10” X 13”) standard conservation vacuum sealer bags.


  • 10.25” Seal bar with dual heating elements
  • 3 Customizable presets
  • Adjustable seal & cool times
  • Adjustable vacuum time
  • Adjustable sealing temperature

Because of the shipping weight of this product it is not possible to order on-line. Please contact us get a shipping quote and place your order.


SKU 150110-034
Sealing length /

Longueur du scellé

10.25” (25 cm)
Maximum bag size usable /

Dimension maximale de sac utilisable

10” X 13”
Vaccum Pump / Pompe à Vide 3.6 cfm / 6.1 m3/h
Usable chamber dimensions /

Dimensions utiles de l’enceinte

13-1/4” X 16” X 3-1/4”H
Overall dimensions / Dimensions hors tout 14.5” X 19.2” X 17.9”H
Shipping weight / Poids d’expédition 100 lbs
Warranty / Garantie 5 years / ans

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