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Umai Finochionna Spice Blend, for 5lbs (2.2Kg)

  • 2022-11-04


Dextrose, Fennel Seed, Black Pepper, Sugar, Garlic, White Pepper, Red Pepper.
Add the contents of the package to the sausage meat mix. Toss together thoroughly.
Dry curing instructions:
Add 3% Kosher salt and 0.25% of curing salt #2 to the spice blend (or use our pre-measured salt blend SKU# 640110-010 sold separately).
Toss together thoroughly.
Fermentation instructions:
Select your favorite fermentation starter culture (sold separately) and follow the manufacturer’s recommendation
for dosage, required amount of dextrose to add (sold separately), fermentation time and temperature.
Drying instructions:
Once fermentation is completed put the sausage into a temperature and humidity controlled chamber or
even easier use the Umai sausage casings and into your refrigerator for drying for the desired amount of time.
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