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Cooking thermometers and temperature measuring equipment

When precise cooking temperatures are of the essence, you need the right thermometer for the job. Our range of indicators, dataloggers and thermometers will give you precise and reliable temperature information.

Our indicators will help you monitor temperature and make sure your food stays within the desired temperature range. Whether you need a waterproof device , one that can be recalibrated or one with a remote probe, check our range of reliable instruments.

Infrared thermometer
From low-cost yet fully featured to dual laser and programmable, infrared thermometers can help you assess temperature even in cirumstances where a traditonnal thermometer would not be practical.

Specialist thermometers, Reference thermometer, RTD
When you need instant read-outs with very high levels of accuracy, check out our high accuracy reference thermometers and RTD thermometers. Our dataloggers will help you keep track of temperature changes over time.

Testek Instruments quality
Testek Instruments offers a range of equipment and tools for use in modern cooking techniques and molecular cuisine. We select the best products from the finest brands from all around the world. Our corporate chef Yan Garzon extensively tests and uses all of the products we sell so you can be assured of only finding the best products at Testek Instruments.