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Meat Processing

Meat processing and sausage making equipment

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h2 Sausage making equipment

If you need some serious sausage making equipment, look no further. We have a range of sausage stuffers, meat mixers and accessories to get you started or help you get even further. We take food seriously and only offer the best tools and equipment so that you can achieve fantastic results. We have all the tools you need to make your own sausages.

Meat processing equipment

We offer a wide range of meat processing equipment for different processes, including brining, grinders and curing. We also have tools for tying, packaging, drying, and ingredients such as curing agents and transglutaminase.

Testek Instruments quality

Testek Instruments offers a range of equipment and tools for use in modern cooking techniques and molecular cuisine. We select the best products from the finest brands from all around the world. Our corporate chef Yan Garzon extensively tests and uses all of the products we sell so you can be assured of only finding the best products at Testek Instruments.