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Vacuum packaging equipment and supplies

Achieving the best results with sous-vide cooking requires quality vacuum packaging equipment and supplies. For consistent results make sure you use equipment that is suited to the quantities you are cooking. This will ensure even and consistent results. Depending on your needs, you may want to choose an impulse sealer, an external vacuum sealer or a chamber vacuum sealer. Make sure you buy the sealer that is best for your intended use, and call us if you need advice or information on a specific model.

Bags and accessories

Each type of vacuum sealer requires a specific type of vacuum sealer bags. We offer bags suited to every purpose, from standard conservation bags to high temperature sous-vide cooking bags that will safely withstand boiling temperatures.

Testek Instruments quality

Testek Instruments offers a range of vacuum packaging tools and supplies for use in modern cooking techniques and molecular cuisine. We select the best products from the finest brands from all around the world. Our corporate chef Yan Garzon extensively tests and uses all of the products we sell so you can be assured of only finding the best products at Testek Instruments.

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