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Chef Yan Garzon

TESTEK is proud to announce a new professional training service on low-temperature sous-vide cooking, given by our corporate Chef Yan Garzon.
The specialized training is adapted according to your needs and knowledge level of this cooking method and is offered either at our kitchen-laboratory or at your location (greater Montreal region). To obtain a formal quotation or discuss your needs, simply contact us at 866-635-4040 or via email at: [email protected].
Here is our standard 4 hour sous-vide cooking class content which can be modified to your specific requirements :

  • The multiple advantages of low-temperature sous-vide cooking.
  • The safety precautions and good practices when cooking sous-vide as well as the recommended tools
  • Overview of the various equipment available;
    (immersion circulator, water bath, combi oven).
  • Overview the pre-cooking preparation steps;
    (brining, marking, seasoning, condiments, etc…).
  • Cooking temperature and time for the different proteins
  • Effect of low-temperature cooking on proteins and tissues.
  • Difference between direct cooking for immediate service, indirect cooking for conservation and re-thermalization.
  • Adaptation of traditional recipes cooked sous-vide
  • Preparation and cooking of different products for tasting
  • Use of immersion circulators for other culinary techniques;
    (compression, marinades, infusion, confit, fermentation and chocolate crystalisation)

Chef Garzon:

Joined Testek in December 2013 as Corporate Chef and director of R&D. Yan brings a substantial knowledge and a true passion for cooking and modern techniques. With his 28 years in the culinary world and the last 10 years as Executive Chef of the Hotel Mortagne in Boucherville QC, he has the experience required to understand your specific Foodservice requirements.

Other training classes available (call for details):

  • High pressure cooking using aluminum cookers
  • Specialty knife sharpening using stones
  • Liquid nitrogen cooking
  • Use of texturizers (molecular cuisine)